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Most of my skincare clients notice a difference in their skin straight away. 

Healthy skin at any age needs healthy good for you products which is why I choose Arbonne – the most certified CLEAN brand on the market. Arbonne takes the guesswork out of harmful ingredients by eliminating anything remotely harmful from its ingredient line up…WITHOUT compromising on results. That’s the kind of peace of mind I like!


Eating healthy is not rocket science yet why do so many people struggle?

Being time poor, a lack of knowledge and a need for convenience is what many people are up against. In our 10 Day Body Spring Clean and 30 Days to a New You guided programs, we teach you the HOW and WHY behind ‘clean eating’ and ‘finding balance’ in your diet so you can make long-term sustainable changes. We call it a nutritional reboot – get back your energy, shed weight, reduce bloating, increase focus and expect to feel all over amazing. 

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Make healthy living your business with incredible coaching, training and support every step of the way.

I was genuinely shocked at how easy the challenge was. The meals were delicious and quick to make. I even made some of my own recipes using the format of the challenge. The shakes were super easy and I could make my breakfast and lunch in the morning and be done. The fizz sticks are heaven!!! I will never go another day without them. Not to mention they really helped with that 3pm slump and sugar craving.

Simone, Brisbane. New mum wanting to lose baby weight and get back into healthy habits.


Hi, I’m Jess!

And welcome to my world – The Healthy Beauty Project. Thank you for stopping by and exploring my creations.  I hope you find what it is that you are looking for.

I am a health, beauty and wellbeing junkie. I can’t get enough!

I have a passion for skincare. A passion for health and nutrition. A passion for learning how to become the best version of me. And I have a passion for helping others achieve the same.

The Healthy Beauty Project is my creation….a collection of all my passions, and perhaps your passions too!

I am also married to my hubby Wes, and have a little girl called Emily and a little boy on the way! Due Dec 2018. Becoming a mum has played a huge part in my health and wellbeing journey. For me, falling pregnant didn’t come easily. It took 3 years and eventually the wonders of IVF delivered us our miracle baby.

I learnt so much about myself and my body whilst on that journey. Starting with my lifestyle and stress and what I was putting ON and INTO my body. When you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, you really start to question ‘why’? And ‘what can I do to change this?’.

I changed everything. Starting with my skincare. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Arbonne and its range of clean healthy, non-toxic plant-based products. These products helped me then change my career and lifestyle as I traded an extremely stressful marketing manager role, and started working for myself building my own business consulting with Arbonne. I then got to work on what I was fuelling my body and becoming passionate about all things nutrition. As they say, your gut is your ‘second brain’ and mine needed some work.

I soon realised that my mindset was also playing its part in things ‘not happening’. Enter in my love for mindset, personal development and soul study.

Connecting the dots between skin health, gut health and brain health is what helped me achieve a successful IVF conception, and better still, a natural conception second time round.

My mission is simple. To help others connect the dots as well. To help others transform into the healthiest and highest performing versions of themselves.

Everyone has the opportunity to embark on their own Healthy Beauty Project. And my job is to help facilitate that into action. Everyone needs a cheer squad. I hope I can be yours.

Jess xxx


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Brisbane, QLD, AU


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