Prepping for Pregnancy


Discover everything you need to know to get your body prepped for pregnancy without wasting precious time, money and energy.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with where and how to start with getting your fertility health on track....then you are in the right place.

Where are you on your pregnancy journey? Are you…

Getting ready to start trying? You’re planning to start your family soon and you’re wanting to get your health in tip top shape…but you feel overwhelmed with what to do and where to start! And quite frankly, don’t have the time to scroll the internet for guidance.

Or perhaps you’ve been trying for a while? But for some reason, it’s just not happening and you’re feeling stuck, sad, lost, confused. You’re thinking it’s time to see a fertility specialist…which scares the hell out of you…and deep down you desperately want to avoid seeking this kind of help. You really want to do everything that you can to conceive on your own, but you’re not sure what that looks like.

Maybe you’re already on the IVF rollercoaster? You know you’ve got a hormone condition which has lead you down the IVF path, or you could be dealing with ‘unexplained infertility’. You may even be recovering from a recent miscarriage. You’re terrified motherhood may never happen for you, your stress levels are out of control, you feel a real sense of failure not being able to conceive on your own and you’re feeling depressed, lonely, miserable. You’re spending a fortune on appointments, supplements, other therapies but you’re just not sure what everything is doing and if it’s actually helping! Everything in your life feels under pressure – health, relationships, career, finance, friends. You’re just trying to keep your head above water and it’s exhausting. 

You’re ready for change, but you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve put on weight through all the hormone treatments, or just carrying extra weight to begin with. You really want to make changes to your health but every time you try, you come unstuck pretty quickly…the self-sabotage is STRONG! AND there are so many ‘diets’ and ‘eating plans’ out there you don’t know which one is right for you. Plus you also have little time and oh so little energy. Spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping is just not an option.

You've arrived here because you're searching for a supported program that's simple and easy to follow, in a community that gets what you're going through

I get it. I totally get it. I’ve been there, through all the stages and where you are right now, and I know how it feels. 

I’ve also come through the other side and I’ve created the program I wish I’d had when I was feeling lost and confused. 

So if any of this speaks to you, you’re in the right place.

The Prepping for Pregnancy – Nourish to Flourish Program has got your back.

This is my story...

We were ready to start our family back in 2013, not long after I turned 30. After almost a year of no success we started seeing a fertility Dr. Aside from being diagnosed with PCOS years earlier, I had unexplained infertility…so basically no one knew why it wasn’t happening. But we persisted. It took another 2 years for our precious Emily to arrive…so that ended up being 3 long years on an emotional rollercoaster of miscarriage, fertility treatments and alternative therapies. I changed careers, I overhauled my lifestyle, I researched and eventually we arrived at IVF.

I was very apprehensive about IVF. At the time it felt like the end of the road and I was facing some serious fears around what if it didn’t work. So I wanted to be ready, I wanted my health to be in the best place possible, to give myself the best chance. 

So I worked on improving my mindset and overhauling my health. The risk factors I could control. I cut out coffee, alcohol, gluten, dairy…I did hard core cleanses…i stopped wearing perfume, using nail polish…and at times I retreated from my friends who were all having babies around me to protect my emotional health. It felt hard at times, gut-wrenching-throw-me-a-pity-party hard, but not having a baby felt harder. Reality really does bite sometimes.

My Dr collected 11 eggs, but from that we ended up with only 1 viable embryo…the rest didn’t make it. My egg quality was the pits! But you only need one good one, and we were blessed with exactly that. She blossomed into our darling Emily who will soon turn 3. I’m so stinking grateful for the wonders of IVF. Without it, she might not be here. That kid has changed my life for the better, given me purpose, made me whole again and brought so much joy into our world after some heavy years of turmoil. Emily is my saving grace.

When the time came for baby #2, we gave ourselves 6 months of trying before we would start IVF. I’d made some serious headway with my health and was feeling really good, but nothing was happening and I didn’t want to waste time. 5 months in I saw my fertility Dr and we put my treatment plan in place. But we ended up not needing it! The prep work I’d done had paid off. The day before I was due to pick up my IVF drugs I received a very special phone call that would change my life. My pre-IVF blood tests came back with a positive pregnancy. And that started our journey with Darcy.

Through the ups and downs of our journey I’ve learnt to appreciate and embrace the silver linings. I’ve realised a few things….my journey was for a reason because I have a burning desire to help other women achieve their dreams of motherhood. I want women to know what I know now, but at the START of their journey….to help them save precious time, energy and money.

There’s so much info out there it can become so overwhelming and so hard to know where to start. This is where I can help. I spent 6 years and a lot of money, money I didn’t have, trying to figure it all out. I’m going to share all that I’ve learnt in 6 weeks so you can stop wasting time and $’s and start focusing on seeing  and feeling real positive changes. 

The Prepping for Pregnancy Program

This program IS your starting point. It contains everything you need to know to start focusing on YOUR fertility health and getting yourself prepped and primed for pregnancy, however that may happen.

This is what you get:

    • PART 1 – a 6 week course comprised of 1 video tutorial a week covering 6 different topics (listed below) 
    • PART 2 – a guided 30 day nutritional cleanse which kicks off week 2, to get you back on track with your health, with recommended supplement packs available to you at heavily discounted prices
    • 6 years of research, trial and error, packaged in an easy to digest and implement way, for one low really affordable price.

I know what it's like to feel like everything is spinning out of control when trying to get pregnant. Including your finances.



    • Each module is a pre-recorded webinar approx 1 hour in length. You can print the slides so you can take notes as you watch.
    • Each module comes with a worksheet to complete. I recommend allowing 1.5 hours to listen and complete the worksheet each week. The worksheet is KEY to discovering your own breakthroughs. 
    • Modules are emailed on Fridays so you can make the most of the weekend to dive into the content because I know how busy you are.
    • Once you have registered….
      • you will receive an email confirming your order and a welcome email from me with your next steps.


This is my secret weapon. A 30 day ‘cleanse’ that is simple and convenient making it easy to follow and stick to. I help take the guess work out of what to eat by kitting you up with a 30 day supply of vegan certified, gluten free, wholefoods based supplements that work hand in hand with our meal plans.

The benefits of this cleanse….

    • to get you back your energy and mojo
    • strip away excess weight
    • balance out your blood sugar levels and start to regulate your hormones
    • improve your mental clarity
    • improve your quality of sleep
    • improve your skin health
    • boost your happiness 
    • decrease stress and anxiety
    • everything you learn you can continue with through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

WK 1: Eating for Fertility - Get ready to CLEANSE!

Learn why nutritional cleansing is so key for fertility health, the 4 month pre-natal window, what foods to ramp up and which to ramp down, fertility blockers, how to eat for your cycle and recommendations on supplements. If you choose to take the 30 Day Cleanse (highly recommend!), you'll also gain access to the private facebook group with comprehensive meal plans, recipes and daily support, accountability and motivation!

WK 2: Managing Your Mind

What you think about you bring about. If you're struggling with infertility of any kind, then your mindset is crucial. It's your coping barometer. If your head is not in the right place, then you could actually be limiting your chances of success. Learn specific tools on how to keep brain fog and overwhelm at bay, and keep your outlook positive and optimistic to help you cope if any hurdles are thrown your way.

WK 3: Decoding Stress

Stress in my opinion is the number 1 fertility blocker. It does all sorts of crazy things to your hormones that can impact everything from egg quality to ovulation to miscarriage. It can also derail healthy habits very quickly. Understanding how stress works and how to decrease stress in your life is key. Learn how to take a birdseye view of your life, and identify your stress points and how that can be impacting on your wellbeing.

WK 4: Removing Environmental Toxins

How toxic is the environment you live in? Do you know what's in your skincare, makeup, cleaning products, plastic waterbottles and containers? There are some key chemicals ingredients used in many of our everyday products that wreak havoc on our fertility health. Learn which ingredients to avoid and safe product recommendations to help take the guesswork out of what you can and can't use.

WK 5: Mastering Maintenance Longterm

Creating long lasting positive change takes commitment and consistency...this is the real challenge! But when you understand the long term benefits for not only you, but your bubba-2-be, then making the changes and sticking to them becomes so much easier. Because it's no longer just about you. It's about your family in the making. In this module we recap and discuss tools and hacks to make this as simple as possible, longterm.

WK 6: Complimentary Therapies

There are so many alternative therapies out there that have been proven to help with fertility, as well as compliment assisted fertility treatments like IVF. But which do you choose! They all add up pretty quickly financially. Learn more about the benefits of each so you can decide what feels like a fit for you, before you start spending your precious money!

By the end of this program, this is my hope for you...

This is a comprehensive jam-packed program that combines education with action that I can guarantee will deliver results.

I can’t of course guarantee pregnancy. I wish I could but there are never guarantees. I learnt that from my IVF Dr! They make that very very clear. But what I can promise you is that by the end of this program, you will be closer to your goal because your health is your greatest asset. Period.

What my clients are saying...

So how much for this life changing program?

Just $149.

That’s right, for only $149 you can join the Prepping for Pregnancy e-course and start your journey TODAY!

Why only $149?

Because I really want to help as many people as possible, and I know how expensive the pregnancy process can be. I have priced this for the same cost as one consult with a dietician, naturopath or other health professional. BUT you get me and all the bonuses for an entire 6 weeks!

Simply click the JOIN NOW button below and you’ll be taken to a checkout page where you will have the option to add in a supplement pack for the 30 Day Cleanse. Once payment has been processed via my secure checkout, you will receive a welcome email from me with your next steps.


$ 149 Valued at $1840
  • 6 week program facilitated online via email and through a private facebook group that includes a 30 day cleanse (supplements costs not included in the program price)
  • 6 x 1hr training modules + worksheets emailed weekly. All pre-recorded so you can watch when convenient to you. These will be lifechanging! Valued at $594
  • Fertility boosting recipe e-book with over 40 cycle-syncing recipes including sample meal plans for each phase of your cycle. Valued at $47
  • Daily posts to educate, motivate and inspire you...and most importantly, keep you accountable. Valued at $299
  • Love and support from a community of likeminded women. Invaluable!
  • Bonuses valued at $900. See below!

Money Back Guarantee

My greatest desire is to help you make the changes you need to make to bring you closer to bringing a baby into the world. I’m providing you with a bunch of tools, but it’s up to you to do the work. And it won’t all change or happen overnight, although on the cleanse I’m confident you will feel a better version of yourself after only 5 days. I really don’t want you to feel like this is another wasted investment. I want you to feel confident that this program delivers results so if by the end of our 6 weeks together you feel the program has delivered you no value, you don’t feel even remotely better after the cleanse, I will happily refund your money within 45 days of initial purchase. All supplements come with a 45 day money back guarantee also.


Not only do you get all of this, but you also get these 4 bonus training modules by these health experts and my own personal gurus, worth another $900 for free.

Anna Gaspari, Spiritual Life Coach @

Anna shares her wisdom around addressing emotional eating and self sabotage.

Lisa Birmingham, Womens Health Physio @ Mummy and Co Physio

Lisa discusses the importance of exercise and movement in the lead up to pregnancy, gestational diabetes and reducing the risk of prolapse

Alexandra Lindeberg, Dietitian @ InsideOut. The Essence to Health

Alex explains sugar cravings, insomnia, PCOS, plus her supplementation hit list for preconception.

Jessica Stone, Health Coach @ The Healthy Beauty Project

Jess shares her tips on how to cycle sync your foods and eat for your hormones without getting overwhelmed in the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

The E-course is $149 when paid in full, or $160 if you choose a 2 month payment plan of $80/month

The 30 Day Cleanse Nutrition Kit is an additional cost of $320. If you want to custom build a pack based on specific needs/supplements that you may already be taking we can do that too! Just contact me direct at and I can recommend the best plan of attack for you.

When does it start?

As soon as you make payment, you will receive your welcome email with your first exercise to complete. The 6 modules will drop every Friday, there-after. So if you sign up on a Thursday, you will receive your welcome email and first exercise immediatly, then the next day you will receive module 1.

The 30 Day Cleanse will always commence the Monday of week 2 as we use the first week to prep for the cleanse with meal plans and shopping lists. The first module will drop straight away, and the 2,3,4,5 and 6 modules will drop every Friday. The 30 Day Cleanse always commences in week 2.

Click here for an outline of the schedule and content delivery

Can I skip ahead with the modules.

I love how keen you are but no! And the reason being is that each module has action steps for you to put into play so you can slowly but surely start to implement some changes. And remember, staying away from overwhelm is the name of the game so the beauty of this course is that everything is broken down into easy to digest pieces!

What happens if I change my mind?

Check out my money back guarantee and you will see that I have a 45 day return policy. If you purchase the supplements and wish to return them, you will need to return direct to Arbonne and cover the cost of postage.

I really want to give this everything but just can’t afford to pay for the supplements.

I get it! I really do! It feels like a big chunk of cash upfront! I spent years living off my credit cards plural to meet the demands of my fertility treatments. Your money is precious and I respect that. Let me show you how to RE-DIRECT money you are probably already spending so you can. When you break this down, the supplements work out to be $11/day over 30 days and for the most part your supplements will largely replace 1 – 2 meals each day. 

We’re putting a hold on 

    • That daily cup of coffee/softdrink…approx $4
    • That nightly glass/bottle of wine (no judgement I promise)…$10 a day give or take
    • You won’t be buying lunches and snacks on the run…$5-$10 a day
    • You’ll probably avoid dinners out and takeaways for the most part….$40 a go

All those incidental costs easily add up and this is a way you can re-direct towards something so worthwhile and important. YOU.  Yes, you are investing in YOU. In feeling not just good, but GREAT. And setting yourself up PROPERLY for a successful pregnancy and beyond. 

I know how expensive trying for a baby can be. I’ve been there. I wish I had shares invested in pregnancy tests alone I bought so many! But with this program, my goal is to help you save in the long run – not just money, but time. In 6 weeks you will learn what took me 6 years to figure out. The investment is so minimal in the grand scheme of things, and so worth it.

And well, that’s one visit to the fertility Dr! And lets not even talk about what IVF costs.

I still can’t afford to do the cleanse but can commit to the weekly meal plans, will I still benefit from the e-course?

Yes! Absolutely. You will just have to work harder with your meal prep and shopping to get the most benefit. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss your own situation further and we can hatch a plan. But the content alone in the e-course is lifechanging and will help you prep your body in other ways as well.

Is the 30 Day Cleanse a ‘shake’ based program

No, the 30 Day Cleanse is not a ‘shake’ based program. It is a wholefoods based program utilising a range of supplements combined with an anti-inflammatory fertility boosting food guide. It does utilise a high quality vegan protein powder which is used predominantly as a base to daily smoothies or meal prep such as porridge, smoothie bowls, pancakes and baking where other wholefood ingredients are added. The use of smoothies plays a part in helping the body to detox efficiently and effectively. The philosophy and science behind this is covered in week 1 of the course.


The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like..


Interested but timings not quite right? That’s totally fine. 

Join our closed facebook support group and keep up to date with what’s happening and upcoming program start dates. Ask questions, feel supported and not alone on your journey.

And if you have any other questions, again just contact me via the form below! 

I look forward to helping you move closer towards achieving your pregnancy goals.


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